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Toddlers & Tablets

I had my first lecture on media history a few weeks ago. I have the same lecturer as I did last semester with the introduction to media communications course. He’s a passionate lecturer who easily gets fired up and starts swearing and yelling. It’s pretty great. This morning he mentioned how he gave his son a tablet for his third birthday. The class (including me) had shocked faces, and he pointed out that that’s the reaction he always gets. But, he said it’s not a bad thing. Why? Because technology is good for us. Technology is what makes us human. That’s why humans are the dominant species. Without it, we may as well live outside without heating, water, or electricity, and not complain about it. What parents normally do with toddlers is sit them in front of the television for hours. And I don’t blame them, we all need a break. But toddlers getting tablets is not bad, in fact its better than the tv. They are interacting with it, pressing buttons, using their brains. A kid can do nothing in front of a tv but sit and stare. Media claims that technology is re-wiring our brains. Our brains don’t have wires. There’s no way that’s possible.  All this is, is a new medium of technology. A new sensory of information. We don’t like it only because it’s new. Technology is not ruining the human race, it is a part of the human race. Without it, we may as well go back to being cavemen.