The Hunger Games: Corridor Edition

On Friday night I voluntarily spent nine hours in the corridor outside my room for the sake of pure competition and pride. It all started after dinner when we normally hang out in the corridor, except this time it escalated very quickly. The participants were me, Greg, and Skoggins (his real name is Lewis but we call him Skoggins because he wears skinny joggers a lot. Joggers are like sweatpants. Just google it). At first it was all fun and games, but without the fun and games. We were bored. I don’t even know what we did, but all of a sudden we realised that we had been laying there for two hours. We all suggested that we do something like watch a movie, but none of us could be bothered to get up. It really started when Greg and I tried to go into our rooms whilst leaving one foot in the corridor, so that we still hadn’t technically left yet. The competition started before we even knew it.

To deal with the boredom, I decided to get sharpies from my room and gave myself a sleeve of tattoos, which later proved to be a mistake. Greg tried to steal my phone and I tried to steal the charger from his dying tablet, although both attempts ultimately failed. However, then Skoggins gave me his phone to look at something, and because of pressure from Greg, I threw it into my room and locked the door. Shit just got real.

It neared six hours at this point. We were hungry, we all had to pee, and we were getting tired. Greg resorted to pulling his bed out to the end of his door and laying down while keeping his feet out in the corridor. Daisy then came along and kindly opened my door to make me the gourmet meal that is one tortilla and some shredded cheese. Alas, when Daisy opened my door, Skoggins peeked in to see where his phone was, and he was pushed in by Greg. One down, two remained. Defeat and shame were in the air as Skoggins walked back to his room. It was now just Greg and I (and Pete who came to watch the ridiculous brawl).

About thirty minutes passed until Skoggins came strolling back in with some water, bourbons, and his recovered phone. We all questioned why he came back and he said he couldn’t leave. You see, Skoggins was suffering from Corridor Syndrome. He got attached to the corridor and he needed to find out who would win.

Skoggins and I started watching Gone Girl on his phone while Greg was on his tablet. I took my eyes off of my phone for a second and Greg threw it in his room and made it unreachable. But I was not letting that stop me. However, he also had another tactic. He had a timer going, counting down until he would pick me up and put me in the bathroom so this whole thing could end. I denied and said I would pick him up and put him in the bathroom. I may have overestimated my strength, but really it’s all in the mindset. I couldn’t give up. My American pride was really starting to show. I resorted to bribing and said if we gave up he could shave off a part of my eyebrow, I would buy him dinner, and even that I wouldn’t brag about winning. None of it worked but I gave it my best. The timer went off and shit got even more real. It turned into a fight to the death. I had nothing but a loofah and my body pillow to protect me. And mom, you’re right. I should have taken a self-defence class. We started kicking, pulling, tackling, cornering, basically everything. My full sharpied arm started smearing all over the walls and my face, which I declared was war paint. I grabbed Skoggins’ half full water bottle and tried soaking Greg, which basically hit both of us, the ceiling, and the floor. I tried to team up all of us against Greg but they didn’t help much. Thanks guys.

At about four in the morning, Greg (and I give you full credit for this) came up with a plan to end it. As neither of us could let go of our pride, this was our last resort-we pulled a Peeta and Katniss. Skoggins duct-taped our legs together, and we each took a step into my room with the other leg. We both grabbed Skoggins’ hands, and took the final step with our duct-taped legs into my room. Nine hours later, it was all over. Although there was no victor, Greg and I were just happy that it was all over.

Now that I look back on it, it looks like some social experiment. We literally spent nine hours in a hallway with no food or water and turned it into some strange competition of who could stay the longest. It turned very serious and very personal very quickly.

What did spending nine hours in the corridor teach me? Don’t risk friendships for the sake of competition. It’s a lot easier to turn against someone than you think. Greg and I are okay now, but it’s still a touchy subject.

Also, shoutout to my dad for making me bring duct tape. It came in handy.


The aftermath. Sharpie on the walls.