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A Quick Wednesday Update

Hello dear reader! It’s been awhile. How are the wife and kids? Don’t have either of those? Then darling reader, how are you? Now let’s move on to more important topics, me. Haha I’m only joking, not more important, the most important.  Anyway, I’m back in America now. Jet lag, reverse culture shock, strep throat; I had the whole package. The second I stepped off of the plane, the first thing I noticed was how loud everyone talks (and with that familiar midwestern accent). Basically everything is bigger. Cars, food, thighs, number of people with the crippling dissatisfaction of suburban lifestyle, you name it. Lately, the thing that I’m trying to work out is my relationship with America. What surprised me is that a lot of people in the UK told me that they want to live in America, go to America, have my accent, etc. This is probably me being ignorant about the great country I live in, but I have never looked at it that way. I thought everyone in the UK wouldn’t want to live in America. Don’t they know that we all want their accents and their tea making skills? But really, I was never a big fan of the US, but now seeing it in a way where people want to live here, I have mixed feelings about it. We have 50 states, you can drive to all of them (with enough gas money and patience) and you’re still in the same country. It’s pretty cool. Is it my view of America that’s biased because I grew up here, or is their view biased because all they really see of the country is California and New York in movies? I thought coming home might help me decide how I feel about the US, but I still don’t know. We have a lot of great things that the UK doesn’t, like 24 hour diners, roads that can fit two cars at once, and big shopping malls, but that doesn’t quite do it for me. I haven’t seen enough of the United Kingdom to know which place I like better, but for this time in my life, I’d rather be over there. I left Minnesota  so that I wouldn’t grow to hate it. I got out so that I can appreciate it more. And now being home again, I do. Now here’s a song that’s depressing, slightly funny, and oddly appropriate for this post all at the same time! Song of the day: Bored in the USA