A Little Note Regarding Rain

I had a real Wales weather experience on Sunday afternoon. I took my friend Daisy’s bike (shoutout to Daisy for letting me use her bike!) to Tesco for some cereal, pot noodles, and peanut butter (…what else?) along the path by the sea. It was pretty windy to begin with, but I was expecting nothing that was about to happen. Five minutes into the ride, it starts raining. And I mean really raining, torrential downpour. After a few minutes biking through that, I had to pull over and stand under a protected area for about 10 minutes because I couldn’t see anything. Although it didn’t really protect me from anything, the wind was coming down at an angle. Once the hurricane lightened up a bit, I made my way into Tesco and tried to dry myself off with the hand dryers. It didn’t help. But going grocery shopping completely soaked was definitely a new (and probably expected from now on) experience.

Something not a lot of people would say if they went through that, but it probably one of the best bike rides I’ve ever had.

To conclude, the weather is just as expected…completely unpredictable. But no matter what, you can always count on rain every day.