Thoughts & Rants

I’m angry and that’s okay.

Like everyone else, anger is a thing I’ve worked on my whole life. From throwing tantrums as a kid, to dealing with drama in high school, to now life issues in general, I’m angry. But the thing is, I am angry for the right reasons. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that you can choose to be angry or not about some things. A lot of people waste so much time being angry over small things like bad drivers or rude waiters. You can never know what’s really going on in other peoples lives, so do the right thing and move on. All that time you wasted being angry or bitching could be spent not being angry.

Ironically, I am angry about this. But I have a reason to be. Anger is important. It brings about change, it brings passion, and to quote my lecturer “to be angry is to be committed and engaged.” Im choosing to be angry, because I think it’s necessary. I’m angry for all the right reasons. I’m not wasting my time holding a grudge. For example, I’ve spilled wax on my quilt this week so I did the lazy thing to do and flipped it over. And so just a few days later, Daisy got pizza grease on the other side of the quilt. We laughed about it. I chose not to be angry about it because one, it’s a material item, and two, she didn’t do it on purpose. Ignoring unnecessary anger is not something that’s easy to do. It takes time, patience, and it’s something that I am continually working on.

Because I like lists, here are some examples of things that I’m angry about:

1. Stereotypes. This morning I walked to Starbucks in my Doc’s, got some tea, listened to Jack White, and wore a beanie with my purple hair all at the same time. Now not even an hour later, I’m writing a blog post for my blog called Might As Wale. Hipster? It doesn’t really need a label, it’s just who I am and it feels great.

2. Gender inequality. I know too many people who’ve been raped (even just knowing one person who has been raped is too many), harassed, and been called sluts. I am angry that people still don’t know what feminism is. It’s equality and it’s for everyone.

3. Going off that, getting older I’ve noticed that when I’m talking, I constantly get cut off by men, as if what I’m saying is not as important as what they are saying. Not all men do that on purpose and they might not realise that they did it, but it happens a lot.

There are a lot of over things that make me angry, like racism, sexism, and clothes without pockets.

Feel free to comment your thoughts about anger or anything that makes you angry.

Basically, do no harm but take no shit.