Travel Time

Good Morning, Amsterdam!

This past Halloween weekend I went to Amsterdam with my friend Daisy. The travel time totalled to about 16 hours with transportation including a coach and a ferry. It was a long drive, but very worth it, and even somewhat better than traveling by plane.

The second we got outside I couldn’t look around because it was so genuinely beautiful it hurt! Bikes everywhere, canals everywhere, and the sun was shining. The weather all weekend was sunny and comfortable, we were lucky to not have any rain.

Most people asked if I got around to any ‘mischief’, the answer being no, and their reply being ‘well what did you even do then?’

Well, here’s what I did.

-Ate the best two pancakes of my life. One with apples, cinnamon, and apple brandy, and one with goat cheese, garlic oil, spinach, and pine nuts.

-Ate the best stroopwafel of my life. They made it in front of me. So good.

-Found a burrito place, looked for a bench but couldn’t find one, so we sat on the edge of the canal and ate it. It may not have been chipotle, but dang it was good.

-Found the bench from the Fault in Our Stars and took dramatic pictures with it. Then wrote “Andie was here” -of course.

-Bought tickets to the annual Museumnacht, which included entry into 50 museums plus free tram service. We went to the Anne Frank House which was very surreal and very amazing. I am so glad to have finally been there! We also went to the Van Gogh Musuem, sadly Starry Night was in New York, but I did see his famous sunflower painting and self-portrait. Then we ventured on to the Amsterdam Musuem, a museum about the city’s history, the Nieuwe Kerk museum which was currently showing an African sculpture-type exhibit, and one other museum which we did not know the name of, nor did we know what is what about…It did have a lot of cool paintings though.

-Gave people directions because somehow we knew our way around after only two days of being there.

-Walked around the flower market, the Waterlooplein market, Museumplein (I Amsterdam sign) and Vondelpark.

-Went on a night canal cruise, and almost went on a paddle boat adventure (next time!).

-Saw seven, yes that’s right, seven cats! I took pictures of all of them.

-Walked and walked and walked. I ruined my shoes.

-Enjoyed the beauty of the city, how easy it is to get around, and how dang beautiful those friggin’ buildings and canals are.

All I can say is, I will be back!