My new website

Attention ladies and gentlemen! I made a website. An actual website. It is officially the replacement of this blog, but instead of writing about my adventures in Wales, I’ll write about the adventures in my life now. This website is a work in progress and mostly just a place for me to dump my thoughts into, so it’s not perfect.

So, if you enjoyed this blog then please make your way over to my new website for similar but also different content.

And without further ado, here is my new website: http://www.andiechapin.com

I named it after myself for a few reasons, which you can check out in the first post of the website ‘Welcome to Andie!’

Again, thank you to all of you who kept up with Might As Wale and my life over the years, I appreciate all of you.

Cheers guys, byeeeee



The end,the beginning, and the middle

I’m leaving tomorrow to go back to Swansea and as usual it’s a weird transition. Every time that I only have a few days before I fly back is strange. I’m happy to go back, it’s just hard to take everything in knowing that I won’t be here for a few months again. It’s somewhat daunting. Nonetheless, I am totally fine once I get there. Home doesn’t seem that far away over there.

In retrospect, the week before I leave is always great. I see people, I do things, and I try to take it all in. But then I think, did I spend my time how I wanted to? Did I appreciate everything? And the longer I live in Wales the more I think, am I too American to be British and too British to be American? And basically the only thing for me to do then is to go to a cafe, get some caffeine down my throat, play a little music, and reflect. Bottom line, it’s scary but exhilarating. It’s life.

My Christmas break has been nice. I saw a few movies, all of which I wholly recommend (Joy, The Revenant, and The Big Short), I went up north to Bemidji for a few days, I saw some of my friends and family, and I did some pretty good shopping. I forgot how to dress for the cold weather but after a few failed attempts I slowly got the hang of it again. I noticed that I don’t feel as Minnesotan when I look at other Minnesotans. Being gone for that long does that to you I guess.
Another bottom line: time doesn’t fly until you realise that it has. Life goes on and you have to go with it.
Because I didn’t write at all this semester, I should probably catch you all up. Second year has been better than first in some ways. Probably because I’m more comfortable here and the culture shock is mostly gone. I joined two societies (clubs): baking and tv. Both are right up my alley, and somehow I even became the treasurer for the baking society! In SUTV we make a lot of cool stuff and writing for it is something I’m getting into. I also hope to write more in this blog in 2016.
Last bottom line: just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.
Let’s see what’s in store for 2016, shall we?
P.S. I’m now halfway through university!