Travel Time

A Saturday in Bath

On Saturday the 28th, Leah and I took a day trip to the historic city (and hometown of charlieissocoollike) of Bath, England!

We took a two hour bus ride and got there at about 10am, free as birds to do whatever we wanted for eight hours.
We started at the Roman Baths, right in the centre of the city. The Roman Baths is a historic site where, you guessed it, the Romans used to bathe. The site was beautiful and it was amazing to be somewhere so old, with so much history. We went through the museum and looked at artefacts and old possessions that were found, including old stones with gossip and curses carved in them, and learned about how the Baths work. When we got to the end of the museum we were ground level with the baths. I put my phone and the listening device (the one where you punch in numbers and it tells you the history of where you’re standing) in my pocket and knelt down near the water so Leah could take a picture of me, and as soon as I did my pocket completely ripped apart and both my phone and the device fell into the age old Roman Baths. I heard a splash and noticed right away, so I quickly grabbed them out of the water. My phone is still working, although no Roman spirits or gods have called me yet. The device, however, did not survive the rumoured healing waters. Leah and I both started hearing this high pitched noise and realised that it was the device screaming. I broke it. We both laughed our heads off. Ironically, we both thought beforehand if anyone had ever dropped anything in the Baths, and there we had our answer. I had. When I brought the device to the collectors at the exit, they jokingly said I had to pay for it, and then said it was fine and that they’d never had one that was screaming like that before. It was a great experience and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck my hand in the Roman Baths.

After that adventure, we went to the Jane Austen Centre. It’s a small building in one close to Jane Austen’s old house by both location and looks. We had a tour guide dressed up as Kitty Bennet, the least important character in any of her novels, to make a point by making her more useful. We got an oral history of Jane’s life, and then got to go through a small museum with the history of her time in Bath and how she spent it. We also got to dress up in outfits similar to what they wore at the time. All I can say is, I understand why that fashion is outdated.

The rest of our time was spent going through flea markets and antique markets, until it was time for afternoon tea at a lovely little place called Bill’s. The afternoon tea included about five cups each of the absolute best English breakfast tea you could ever imagine, paired with cream and sugar cubes. (I’ve been converted. Regarding what I said a few posts ago about me liking my tea black, I didn’t know what I was missing.) We also got a three tiered cake stand fit with brownies, cakes, tarts, sandwiches, and scones with clotted cream and jam. It was fan-flipping-tastic. Seriously.

We were exhausted and had to be at the car park at 5:45pm so we left at 5:30 to head over there, although neither of us realised that we had no idea where the car park was. We asked around and all of the people we asked were tourists like us, until we finally asked a polite little English lady. She took her time giving us the directions and both of us were being very patient, until it was past 5:45, and she kept saying the same directions but slower and slower each time. As she was saying the directions again with her back turned to us, I smiled at Leah because we both knew we were going to be very late. The old lady turned to us and said “I can feel your smile on me. I was an etiquette teacher and I can read body language, so I know who the rats are. Comprendo? That’s Spanish. ” And as she said that she looked at Leah, and when she was finished she completely ignored her and only talked to me. We tried to explain ourselves but it was very awkward and she cut us off by giving us the directions one last time, clearly annoyed. We thanked her and ran off, still confused of where to go and a little frazzled by what she said. We finally got there with a few minutes to spare and it had never felt better to be on a coach.

The day was incredible and definitely brought new experiences that I didn’t expect. If you’re ever near, go to Bath!

It was a different feeling being in England. Probably because it’s a place I’ve thought and learned about my whole life. I loved every second of it and can see myself going back for probably more than just a day. 😉



Rare! Reeses Puffs were £8.00. That's $12 for a box of cereal.

Rare American items! Reeses Puffs were £8.00. That’s $12 for a box of cereal.

Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Right when I dropped my phone in the Baths.

Right after I dropped my phone in the Baths.

The Jane Austen Centre

The Jane Austen Centre


Leah and I looking fabulous at the Jane Austen Centre.

Flea Market

Flea Market

Afternoon tea- a gift from God.

Afternoon tea- a gift from God.

The after selfie!

The after selfie!


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