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On Traveling: UK vs. US

The thing that I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that Brits travel all over Europe and don’t see the big deal about it. Everyone goes to Spain over holiday with their family, people go to Paris all the time (I’ve heard many times that its “overrated”), Africa is no big deal, and a lot of them have been to Australia. The reason it’s not a big deal is because it’s so close. That’s the beautiful thing about living here, it’s incredibly easy to travel. Europe is so small, but each country is so different from each other. They experience a lot of different cultures and languages, and it doesn’t really phase them. That’s because it’s how they grew up, it’s the way they know the world. Quite possibly, the world may seem more accessible to them. Traveling is a reality and it’s something that can and should be done.

The thing that they think is amazing about America is that we can drive 20+ hours and still be in the same country. We can travel through mountains, deserts, lakes, snow, beach, and never have to leave America. That being said, it is really amazing, but the sad thing is, I feel a lot of Americans are missing the opportunity. It seems some of them don’t really get out much. Whether they can’t afford it, family is holding them back, don’t want to take time off work, or just don’t see it as something possible, a lot of people just don’t leave.

All in all, the grass is greener on the other side, although it doesn’t hurt to check it out for yourself.


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