Adventures: Week One

#1- My friend Josh and I decided to switch words with each other in the hopes that I will become more British and he will become more American. We started with words like “fall” to “autumn” and “talent” to “tekkers” and “coupon” to “voucher”. Phase 1 for me becoming British American has officially started. #2- My flatmates and I walked to the beach after dark during low-tide and my friends Daisy and Pete and I decided to go for a swim in the freezing sea water. Emphasis on freezing. It was well worth it though. #3 – For Fresher’s week we went to an Irish pub called Jack Murphy’s that played a bunch of British and Irish music that everyone knew expect me, but I don’t even care because it was so much FUN. #4 – I taught everyone how to hand-hug. #5 – Made a floor 5 choir group called The Truplets and filmed our first music video to Someone Like You by Adele. Look forward to more hit singles in the future.


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