Starting Uni: Outlining the Differences

Today marks my fifth day at Swansea, and the second I got here I knew I was in the right place. The campus is beautiful and right across the street from the sea. Everyone that I’ve meet so far seems genuinely happy, even including workers at shops and restaurants, which is really refreshing. Swansea is a very diverse university with people from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and of course, the United Kingdom. Everyone in their first year is around 19-20 years old because most people took a gap year (something you’d rarely see in the US) after “high school”. I’m taking three classes per semester. This semester I’m doing: Hollywood: A History of American Film, Film Studies, and Intro to Media Communication. My American Film professor said to the class “if you have a good understanding of American history, then this shouldn’t be too hard for you”, so it’s safe to say that I’m set with that class. Unlike the US, we only have 1 paper and 1 exam due at the end of the semester that will make up the entirety of our grade. Basically no homework besides reading the textbook and studying on your own. Another big difference is the fact that uni is only three years (no required generals) and there are no “majors” or “minors”, just one main area of study. Room and board is different here as well. I have my own room in a flat of about 20 people that’s co-ed. The room came with a mini fridge, a sink, and windows that actually open! I live in a part-catered residence which means I get money each week on my card and can spend it at any restaurant on campus. All of the other residences are not catered, which means no meal plans. One of the weirdest things about being the foreign kid is people telling me that they love my accent because to me, they are the ones with the accent. A few people were actually surprised that I don’t say “bloody” or “blimey” or “mate” and I was surprised that they do actually say those words. And to everyone who told me that it would be hard for me to understand them, I can understand everyone (most of the time). 🙂 I’m a little too lazy to write a conclusion to my blog post. Look at me, being such a college kid. Have a lovely day.


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