Travel Time

Hello From London!

I’m finally in the United Kingdom. My visa arrived on the 25th, a week later than expected, but we were able to catch a flight that night and land seats in first class! Everything surprisingly went smooth, especially for flying standby. I’m not gonna lie, I felt like a queen reading the 856 page fall fashion issue of Vogue in first class while sipping orange juice that the flight attendants provided for us.

After an eight hour flight we arrived at LHR at about 12:30 (6:30am body time) and waited for our bags, but they never came. As it turns out, for reasons we know not, all six of our bags are currently stuck in Chicago. Our luggage should hopefully make it on the next flight which arrives at 10:30 tonight.

Right now, I am sitting on my bed at the Holiday Inn eating my very first Mars bar and trying not to fall alseep. No clothes, toilerties, books, makeup, or converters to accompany me tonight. I’m also iPhone-less for the first time in three years which is a bit odd, but refreshing. I guess all of this inconvienece, for lack of a better term, is just part of the adventure. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this situation, it’s that traveling will likely never go as planned.


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