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The Before

Next week at this time I will be settled in Swansea, Wales. After weeks filled with anxiety, stress, and slightly discouraging comments from strangers like “this is going to be really hard on your mom” and “I would never let my kid do that”, and my favorite from a lady at the bank with a terrified look on her face, “have you ever seen the movie Taken?”, right now I feel good. I’ve had a lot of support from friends, family, and other strangers, all encouraging me and saying that I am making the choice that they wish they made.

At this time, all of my friends are already in college. It’s weird to watch all of them live in the reality that is so close to me, yet not here yet. This moment in my life is like purgatory, waiting for either for heaven or hell. Yes, an over-exaggerated comparison, but you get the point. I almost felt more ready to leave when I was in high school, but now that it’s so near, it’s a different feeling. Nothing I’ve ever experienced before and honestly something I didn’t expect. Definitely homesick, definitely terrified, but I have an overwhelming feeling that everything will be okay.

I think I’m ready now.


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